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Josie Collins

Foolproof Guide to Chinese New Year in London

Chinese New Year is a colourful time of celebrations, music, dragons, lanterns and luck money. The celebrations in London are a haven for culture and tradition and the joint second largest celebration outside of Asia. 2017 is the year of... Continue Reading →


#Makethefuture less of a spill.. Shell's new advert starring the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Pixie Lott, has had many Youtubers clicking like over skip. With over 16800,000 views and 21,000 likes, it's had quite a positive reception. In the comments, viewers share their... Continue Reading →

Fashion Brands Cash in on Cynicism ^Video - ASOS website   With the Kardashians plastered all over media and Brexit-Trump drama proving Government is dodgier than ever, it’s no surprise the youth of today feel cold and bitter. Beauty businesses have ridden this wave of... Continue Reading →

Rave For Refugees

Help Refugees is currently the largest distributor for aid to refugees. The fast-growing humanitarian organisation has attracted the attention of artists such as Rita Ora, Paloma Faith and now Britain’s dance music scene. A recent event they're hosting as part of... Continue Reading →

Night Tube: East the Least?

After months of rumours and false launch dates, a deal has been decided between London Underground Unions and TFL that should allow the implementation of the Night Tube Service to finally go ahead. The last official date, 12 September 2015, was... Continue Reading →

Voxpop – Social Media Reporting on Terrorist Attacks

Should we Pay for Online News?

The majority of us will admit to choosing to consume news online, as opposed to purchasing a physical newspaper or magazine. Consequently the decline in print media has made news companies more and more dependent on their online publications, and... Continue Reading →

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