Booze, bikinis and beaches are the holiday of choice for many young adults – the default getaway and often obligatory first trip abroad as an independent adult.

Besides the warmer weather, cheaper drinks and a serious reduction in moral standards, getting sloshed with your mates is something you can easily do back at home.

Regardless of what Instagram may tell you, the only other option isn’t necessarily donning dreadlocks and harem pants,  lugging a heavy rucksack around Bali having not washed properly in a week either.

Sure Ibiza, Magaluf and Malia are easy, cheap, packaged deals but if you want to experience something more than a hangover there are plenty of other places to explore that won’t break your bank and you might actually remember afterwards.


There tends to be a formula in balancing holiday costs when booking everything individually on a budget. Flights around Europe can be quite cheap, even as low as £20 one way when booked in advance, but hotels, food and other living costs can be pretty pricey. If you’re willing to stay in hostels or basic hotels and do a little research on cheaper food options as opposed to eating in tourist trap no-zones, it can be manageable, however.

Flight prices further out to say Asia or the Philippines on the other hand, may make you nervous, but once you arrive you can survive on pennies.



It’s really down to what you’re willing to sacrifice and what kind of experiences you’re looking for; European city breaks/ Asia adventure holidays, for example, both can come to around the same price-range.


Choosing to book in off-peak times will not only allow you to avoid crowds of tourists but also reduce the costs of accommodation and flights substantially.  Often enough it’s still hot in June/July and if you’re up for the risk, booking a week or so around rainy seasons can be an option also.


A noob traveller myself, up until recently the only nomad adventures abroad I’d taken were to big empty fields – festivals. The idea of travelling abroad just to walk around and look at buildings and ruins didn’t quite appeal to me, nor to my bank. What I’ve now learnt is that the trick to sprucing up your getaways are tours and excursions. Whether it be boat trips, guided tours, adventure activities, renting bicycles – it makes all the difference, unless of course you’re simply blown away by the views and history and most likely you will be (and it’s still possible to have a few drinks or try out the local night life).


lightroom00Mm (1 of 1).jpg
My excursion experience – Boat tour in Italy only 10 euro

Where to go?

Some upcoming and bank friendly locations include Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Vietnam –

Cambodia –

Morocco –

Bulgaria –

Portugal –
If you have a pocket of money and you want to get away and have some amazing experiences you’ll never forget, reconsider staggering around hammered with denim shorts riding up your butt or having the highlight of your stay a banana boat ride or that pukey party boat with repetitive house music.

Cheesey as it may seem, getting some actual travelling under your belt really does help you grow as a person, if not in a tacky spiritual way but in an adult way.  You are pushed to learn,  having to find your way around a foreign country on your own, overcome potential problems and challenges along the way, throwing yourself into new cultures and new ways of life. Just give it ago and you’ll be hooked.

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