There is no denying the Boomtown experience is like no other, but for all those die-hard drum and bass fans, why not switch it up this year for the surprisingly underground “biggest drum and bass festival in the world”?

This is for all those ravers who find themselves trawling through house and reggae artists at festivals, feeling as though they aren’t getting the most of their money, only enjoying a fraction of the line-up. You don’t have to splash out a grand for Outlook to rave abroad, nor are you restrained by the scene in the UK.

Let it Roll is the place for you.

Located in Milovice Airfield in the North-East of Prague, don’t be put off by the distance. Return flights are relatively cheap especially when booked early at £80-115, and with the festival ticket only £82, you’re still under Boomtown prices.

An ex-military airport, there are no issues with sweaty crowding and long lines. Also unlike many British festivals, due to the isolation of the venue, there are no sound limits.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 15.01.54.pngThe venue is huge and well stocked with facilities. The stages are spread a good distance apart with plenty of shuffle room and contrary to events such as Boomtown, completely flat. Organisers say the airfield area is “mud-less, dustless and gravel-less so your feet will get the comfort for the dancing that they deserve”, no trudging up muddy inclines, a godsend in the heat…

Prague boasts 24’ weather in August so forget the rain and wellies at Boomtown and opt for sunbathing and bikinis instead. To fill the sunny days Let it Roll hosts workshops and activities, less glamorous perhaps than live actors and stage sets, it has a more relaxed vibe. Last year, for example, hosted a DNB-stepping competition, DNB workout session, graffiti, sports and demos with producers. A camp stage hosted local talent all hours, party buses circle the site for a small free and if you still have time to kill, shuttle buses to the centre of Prague are only 12€.

Hate rip-off food and drink festival prices? At Let it Roll, average drink prices are 1-1,5€ and meals for 2-3€. You can grab a pint for under a pound and the Czech Republic is well praised for its beer.

As for the line-up, it’s much more focused and with 9 stages and over 250 artists you’re spoiled for choice. Expect Liquid, Neurofunk, Jump-Up, the works.

(Let it Roll Fb) Line-up phase 2.5 of 3

At Boomtown and the likes, expect the same old sets and tunes. Whilst everyone loves a bit of Mr Happy, when it’s dropped at every chance and rewound for effect it can be a bit much, sometimes it’s good for a little diversity. This festival was made for drum and bass heads and it’s the perfect opportunity to geek out and fully experience the genre. Many of the artists themselves are blown away by the festival.

“Just …  unbelievable!”
“One of the best festivals so far.”

“Massive! One of the best life experiences!”


“Get your ass down here.”

“Every time bigger and bigger! Let it Roll Baby!”

“The vibes last night on the Viper Recordings stage at Let It Roll will live long in our memory…Thank you so much Czech”

Still not sold? Labels include Ram Records, Viper, EatBrain, Renegade Hardware, Playaz, Hospitality, Blackout, Fokuz and Exit Records. Other than the obvious headliners, witness underrated artists killing big slots- A.M.C, Unknown Error, Current Value – the list goes on.

Let it Roll by Rusty Shepherd –

Still underground and relatively unheard of in Britain, Let it Roll has grabbed the attention of over 25,000 ravers, with guests travelling as far as Canada and Australia to attend. The opening ceremony is a sight to behold, last years with an 80m wide stage. The sound on all stages is crisp and deep, crystal clear from anywhere in the crowd.

Let it Roll is a ravers’ gem and for anyone tired of the UK scene, trade this year’s Boomtown binge for a true drum and bass experience.