Shell’s new advert starring the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Pixie Lott, has had many Youtubers clicking like over skip. With over 16800,000 views and 21,000 likes, it’s had quite a positive reception.

In the comments, viewers share their love for the tune with little debate over its message.

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The advert is part of Shell’s ‘Make the Future’ campaign. The campaign is about reforming our energy sources by looking towards a future of renewable energy. An Eco-marathon, research with MotionEco and Solar power football pitches with Akon in Lagos are a few projects as part of the campaign. These are fantastic steps to moving away from dangerous non-renewable oil and a pleasant change from Shell’s dark past of Artic drilling and oil spills.

But how can a company profiting from oil, do so much work for the competing industry of renewable energy?

Confusing and contradictive adverts are not new for Shell. In 2008, Shell was reprimanded by the Advertising Standards Authority for a ‘misleading’ advert suggesting Shell’s $10bn oil project in Canadas’ Alberta tar sands was a ‘sustainable energy source’. The advert was branded as ‘greenwash’ by environmental lobbyists such as the WWF and removed.

Regarding motives, Shell has also faced a lot of scrutiny over its climate change policies recently from major investors. Investors including the Dutch pension fund PGGM, have said Shell should do more to manage climate change risks.

Frank Rayner, a Greenpeace volunteer, has given his personal environmentalist perspective on Shell’s plans,

“consider the tiny percent of Shell’s overall capital that will go into their PR focussed, or emerging technology market-hegemony focussed environmental projects in comparison with their main percentage expenditure and investments focus – which is oil and retail (..) In the long-term companies like Shell will be forced to move into renewables, however, their moves into such are possibly in order to stifle and control that market rather than because Shell ever believed in such.”

At an event in London, 10 oil giants such as Shell and BP announce a new joint energy investment of $1bn to support the development of new technology to combat greenhouse gas emissions. OCGI have said the $1bn is a starting point, but haven’t confirmed for sure when or how much more they plan to invest.

The OCGI members appeared optimistic and proud of their decision, however, environmentalists were displeased at the amount promised, arguing it was less than a CEO’s pay-check. Protesters gathered at the event with signs.

Following Shells 3rd quarter report this year, it is evident that Shell has invested very little profits into its research ventures, contradictory to its eco- friendly campaigns.

Shell and ‘Oil and Gas Uk’ could not give a statement however ‘Oil and Gas UK’s’ environmental report, outlines in great detail the management and incidents in relation to the environment.

Shell has invested money and efforts into reducing CO2 emissions and innovation in renewable energy however it is, for now, only a small amount.

Whilst they are advertising their innovative campaign they are also being sued by Nigeria for oil spills and endangerment of employees and locals.

Shell’s Make the Future campaign is most definitely a future thought and not a significant action plan for the time being. Though any environmental protection efforts by companies should be applauded, whether investments will increase is debatable. As shown in ‘Gas and Oil UK’s’ environmental report, spillages and incidents are still common and may outweigh minor protection efforts also.

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