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Josie Collins

CupcakKe: Ironic Likes gone too far?

A rapper from Chicago Illinois continues to grace the online music scene with her explicit lyrics and raunchy music videos, her newest album ‘Queen Elizabitch’, released this March. Originally a poet in her local church choir, Elizabeth Harris has expanded... Continue Reading →

Skip Ibiza and book a holiday you’ll actually remember

Booze, bikinis and beaches are the holiday of choice for many young adults - the default getaway and often obligatory first trip abroad as an independent adult. Besides the warmer weather, cheaper drinks and a serious reduction in moral standards, getting sloshed... Continue Reading →

Media Vs Youtube

Traditional media is struggling. There is a lack of trust and a disinterest in television and print, leading to social media becoming the predominant news outlet of choice for young people today. More alarming than viewing news articles on Facebook,... Continue Reading →

There is no denying the Boomtown experience is like no other, but for all those die-hard drum and bass fans, why not switch it up this year for the surprisingly underground “biggest drum and bass festival in the world”? This... Continue Reading →

It’s Time We Paid The Price For Ethical Fashion

A demand for ethical consumerism is steadily on the rise, especially among younger generations, who appear to be embracing the trending political activism, attempting to consciously monitor their buying habits. Alice Goody, a retail analyst for Mintel had told the... Continue Reading →

Boyd Hill; Graffiti Community Worker

Boyd scrambled in apologising for the delay and grabbed a coffee from the counter. He had asked and forgotten to meet me, at the modest Funchel Bakery in Brixton with it’s smiling Portuguese staff and loud chatty customers– this café Boyd’s... Continue Reading →

A.N.A.L Squatters

Can Cannabis Dramatically Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels in Universities?

A Thursday afternoon and another lecture missed. In a dimly lit bedroom in south London, stooping over his mac with a fistful of curly brunette hair and flushed apple red cheeks, he *squeaks*. His bedroom is simple with white furniture.... Continue Reading →

Lush Summit

Hippies and soap lovers gathered in Tobacco Dock this week to explore cosmetic company Lush's charity partnerships. For those of you who are avid activists and environmental warriors, or are simply wanting to preview seasonal Lush products ahead of schedule,... Continue Reading →

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