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Josie Collins

There is no denying the Boomtown experience is like no other, but for all those die-hard drum and bass fans, why not switch it up this year for the surprisingly underground “biggest drum and bass festival in the world”? This... Continue Reading →

It’s Time We Paid The Price For Ethical Fashion

A demand for ethical consumerism is steadily on the rise, especially among younger generations, who appear to be embracing the trending political activism, attempting to consciously monitor their buying habits. Alice Goody, a retail analyst for Mintel had told the... Continue Reading →

Boyd Hill; Graffiti Community Worker

Boyd scrambled in apologising for the delay and grabbed a coffee from the counter. He had asked and forgotten to meet me, at the modest Funchel Bakery in Brixton with it’s smiling Portuguese staff and loud chatty customers– this café Boyd’s... Continue Reading →

A.N.A.L Squatters

Can Cannabis Dramatically Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels in Universities?

A Thursday afternoon and another lecture missed. In a dimly lit bedroom in south London, stooping over his mac with a fistful of curly brunette hair and flushed apple red cheeks, he *squeaks*. His bedroom is simple with white furniture.... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poll

  Has smoking weed helped you cope with anxiety/stress/depression or other health issues at University? — Josie (@Josie_NC) March 5, 2017

Lush Summit

Hippies and soap lovers gathered in Tobacco Dock this week to explore cosmetic company Lush's charity partnerships. For those of you who are avid activists and environmental warriors, or are simply wanting to preview seasonal Lush products ahead of schedule,... Continue Reading →

Foolproof Guide to Chinese New Year in London

Chinese New Year is a colourful time of celebrations, music, dragons, lanterns and luck money. The celebrations in London are a haven for culture and tradition and the joint second largest celebration outside of Asia. 2017 is the year of... Continue Reading →

#Makethefuture less of a spill.. Shell's new advert starring the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Pixie Lott, has had many Youtubers clicking like over skip. With over 16800,000 views and 21,000 likes, it's had quite a positive reception. In the comments, viewers share their... Continue Reading →

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